Business Plan

 Start-Up/Entrepreneurial Business Plans

As an entrepreneur you are most likely amazing at seeing the vision for your company. However, determining how to actually make that vision a reality requires someone who not only understands what you want to accomplish but can help you put an attractive, practical and feasible plan behind it. In other words, you need someone who will be a true advisor throughout in the entire process, not someone just taking your words and putting them into a business plan template.

Why do you need a business plan?

A detailed and well-thought out business plan is critical  to getting a business loan or seeking capital, attracting team members, attracting strategic partners and just knowing where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.

I have personally coached over 1000 entrepreneurs and written or reviewed dozens of business plans. I’ve also helped develop complete and accurate financial projections and/or developed a pitch deck for a wide variety of companies.While I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, I’ve also helped well established companies seeking investors, expanding their business or making radical changes. My clients have included:

  • Several music industry related companies (including Indie Connect)
  • Several unique new social networks
  • Numerous independent music artists and record labels.
  • An emerging OTT (online film and TV) company
  • A new baseball bat company (pitch deck)
  • A revolutionary online clothing company
  • Many more

Depending on your needs, together we will develop:

  • Accurate industry and market research
  • A basic strategic plan
  • A competitive analysis
  • A business overview (abbreviated business plan)
  • A full, investor-ready business plan
  • A pitch deck for presenting to investors
  • Complete financial projections
  • Anything else your business requires


‘Now that is what I call a business plan! You should go on Shark Tank with this one! Damon John would be all over this! This is very well written and covers all aspects creating this business and successfully launching it. I know there are more detailed plans behind it however this executive summary serves as a “travel size” version of your business and personal vision just like “Charting Your Course” does. I have a very clear picture of your purpose and intention. Very well done and I applaud you for investing in a professional to actually take your vision and write it like this. ‘    – Former Bank CEO


I have 5 yrs, experience successfully writing and managing grants for nonprofit organizations as well as for-profit entities. In essence, grants are mini business plans that are specifically tailored towards the demands and requests of the funding source.