Executive Coach

Business Coach

The ‘I Never Thought Of That!’ Coach

I love to look a things upside down, sideways and inside-out rather than how everyone else sees them. By constantly asking different questions than most people ask and challenging conventional thinking, I help business owners and leaders uncover new methods, ideas and opportunities. I believe that by changing your thinking you can dramatically change your results.  I have coached the leaders of over 1000 businesses, ranging from pre-launch ventures and nonprofits to multi-million dollar companies. In the process I have developed expertise in:

  • Challenging common beliefs and best practices to determine if there are unconventional, better aligned or more advantageous ways to accomplish a company’s goals and objectives
  • Helping small business owners transform into the CEOs of their own businesses
  • Identifying and developing new markets, opportunities and niches
  • Ensuring that the plans and actions of a company or department are properly sequences for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Identifying and capitalizing on untapped strengths and potential
  • Developing a practical and  easy-to-implement strategic plan
  • Troubleshooting poor performance or other challenges
  • Developing a company or product launch plan
  • Preparing a company for attracting investors
  • Nonprofit management

If you are having trouble reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself or your company, feel free to contact me.  I offer free 15 minute consultations, because sometimes you just need an outsider to look at things from a different perspective. If need be we can then determine if it would be worth working together on a deeper level. I work with all size companies.


I have served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards of both for profit companies and nonprofit organizations. I am always open for new opportunities.