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President and Co-Founder

LeaderBridge offers executive training programs that teach business owners how to build their businesses by thinking more strategically, as the CEO of a large, successful company does. We integrate business knowledge, leadership skills and personal development into the training because we believe that in order for a business to grow, the leader must also grow.

LeaderBridge’s primary training is LeaderBridge Express™, a revolutionary business, leadership and personal development training system specifically designed with the busy business owner in mind. Every week you will receive a manageable amount of training on how to think holistically about your business, as well as critically about each individual aspect of it. Each module is designed to help you make the wisest choices and decisions in both your business and personal lives.

I co-founded the company with my brilliant partner, Tony Bodoh in 2013. Tony is the founder od Tony Bodoh International, a Fortune 150 consultant, a renowned expert in the field of customer experience and analysis,  a sought after speaker and trainer, an executive coach and the author of the upcoming book, ‘The Customer Within’.  Tony and I also do group consulting and offer corporate training on various topics.