Music Industry

Vinny Ribas
Vinny Ribas – 18 Yrs. Old

I played drums in my first paying band when I was 7 yrs. old.  I am still in the industry 50+ years later. My past and current experience includes:

  • Full-time musician and band leader for 20 years. I play drums as well as some keyboards and rhythm guitar. I was forced to sing because I was in a duo for much of that time. I was smart enough to pick a partner with a beautiful voice to balance mine.
  • Home recording studio owner/producer
  • Songwriter with numerous indie cuts
  • Artist Coach
  • Booking agent
  • Artist Manager
  • Entertainment director for the NV Sate Fair
  • Founder and CEO of Indie Connect
  • Author of several music industry books and hundreds of published articles
  • Music conference speaker
  • Consultant to music industry-related businesses
  • Workshop conductor and trainer
  • Author of ‘Help! My Kid’s A Musician‘ – a video series that helps the parents of young musicians understand, support, encourage and protect their children.

Help! My Kid's A Musician