Books, Articles and Training

  • Leverage w #1In 2016 I co-authored the #1 Best-Selling book, ‘LEVERAGE: Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got’ with Tony Bodoh and Connie Ribas. You can read more about it and purchase it on Amazon.
  • Tony Bodoh and I wrote and recorded over 100 audio business trainings and wrote dozens of articles for our consulting firm, LeaderBridge. I am also the primary content creator for Indie Connect.
  • In late 2007 I published a book called ‘CEO Secrets – What They Know About Business That Every Entrepreneur Should“. I believe success is all about the CEO’s mindset. ‘CEO Secrets’ explains exactly how an entrepreneur needs to view every aspect of his or her business in order to build a large business. The book explores why some businesses fail, stall or grow slowly, and why others take off and become profitable at an acceptable or even accelerated pace. The book is available HERE.

  • I have written well over 500 articles on success in both general business and the music industry, many of which have been published on major websites and in popular blogs worldwide. You can read many of them at
  • My eBook, ‘From Practice To Professional‘ is updated every year. It is a guide to moving from being an amateur musician or singer to making money with your talents. I give it to my music consulting clients.
  • From 1991-1995, my wife, Connie and I used our 286 computer to publish 5 issues of the Northern Nevada Entertainment Directory. It was a 120-200-page compilation of all of the entertainers and entertainment-related businesses in and around Reno NV and Lake Tahoe. We gave away 2000 copies of each issue to the casinos, booking agents, engaged couples, promoters etc. We even put them into a searchable online database, long before sites like MySpace existed!