Indie Connect

indie_banner_200x300Artist Management and Music Industry Training

I founded Indie Connect in September 2008. We provide music industry training and networking opportunities for singers, musicians songwriters and music industry professionals. Our mission is:

‘To ensure that a career in the music industry is a viable, profitable and sustainable option for anyone who wants it.”

We specialize in several distinct areas:

  • Artist Management. We represent serious established artists who perform mostly in concert venues.
  • Pro Artist Consulting . We choose exceptionally talented artist and develop their careers to the point where they can attract a manager and/or a booking agency.
  • Live and Online Workshops and Courses – We host workshops and develop online courses for musicians and industry professionals.
  • Music Industry Training. We have an in-depth website with video workshops and 300+ articles on all aspects of building a music career.
  • Music Industry Networking: Indie Connect runs multiple music industry networking events as well as workshops in the Nashville area.


Indie Connect TV

Indie Connect TV is, in essence, Netflix for the music industry. We’ve curated a library of high-quality, relevant videos covering every aspect of the industry that is important to independent artists and industry pros.


Virtual Music Conference

In 2013 Indie Connect hosted the world’s first music conference to be help exclusively online! 500 people from 25 countries gathered together online for 3 days, networking, showcasing their music and/or showcasing their businesses or products. The event also featured 50 of the industry’s top speakers from 15 countries, sharing their wisdom, experience and knowledge.  It was a hugely successful event except for some technical snags in the software we leased.

Watch for the 2020 Virtual Music Conference in the fall!