Speaker & Trainer

vinnyspeakingI have been a speaker and trainer for well over 10 years, addressing both music industry and general business conferences and organizations. I have conducted dozens of different workshops and over 750 Mastermind Sessions.

Some of the topics I have spoken on or conducted workshops on include:

Business Talks and Workshops:

  • Breaking Out Of The Small Business Rut
  • 12 Steps To Grow A Big Business
  • 7 Critical Barriers To Business Growth
  • CEO Secrets – What They Know About Business That Every Entrepreneur Should” (based on my book of the same name)
  • Taking a Product From Concept To Market
  • Creating an Effective Elevator Pitch
  • Effective Networking
  • What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Music Industry Talks and Workshops:

  • Maximizing Your Income As An Artist, Songwriter Or Musician
  • Unconventional Ways To Market Your Songs And Your Songwriting
  • Playing Bigger And Better Gigs
  • Understanding, Encouraging, Supporting and Protecting Your Musically-Talented Child
  • 50 Ways To Promote Your Songs and Your Songwriting
  • Writing An Artist Business Plan
  • The 15 Most Critical Decisions A Musician Will Have To Make

Mastermind Sessions

I have hosted and conducted over 750 general business and music industry mastermind sessions.

A mastermind is a ‘meeting of the minds’ of 2 or more people who get together to achieve one specific result. In other words, it is a high-level, very targeted brainstorming session, usually to solve a particular problem or address a challenge.

My role as mastermind conductor includes setting up and directing the conversation, keeping everyone focused on the main topic, asking the right questions to get the most out of the interactions and ensuring that all of the bases are covered.

I have conducted group and individual sessions for all kinds of entities, including Chambers of Commerce, CEO Space, Indie Connect members, at LeaderBridge events, at nonprofit board retreats and for individual businesses.

Please Contact Me if you would like me to speak or conduct a workshop at your conference or event.